eNerds™ – IT Support, IT Consulting, Cloud, Microsoft Solutions, Internet & Procurement – Clients sized 10-250 staff partner with eNerds™ because they need a midsize MSP to deliver IT ‘peace of mind’ and a one-stop-shop experience.
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Business IT Services
1300 888 100

Why Clients Choose Us?

Clients sized 10-250 staff partner with eNerds™ because they need a midsize MSP to deliver IT ‘peace of mind’ and a one-stop-shop experience capable of delivering exemplary IT consulting & support 24×7 and a modern cloud approach focused on Cyber Security.

If your business has outgrown your current IT support company or ‘one man band’ then take advantage of our full service innovative approach powered by over 50 passionate IT professionals with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We provide 24×7 services including;  Support & Maintenance, Consulting, Cyber Security Essentials, Cloud Services, Microsoft Solutions, Internet and Procurement, Cloud Services, managed Service, Support Services.

eNerds™ is considered one of Australia’s premier IT providers and has been a finalist and winner in the ARN ICT Industry Awards from 2009 – 2020, winning SMB Partner of the Year 7 times in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2022 and is ranked in the Top 10 IT Providers in Australia by MSPmentor in 2021. Watch our client testimonials and experience what it’s like working with eNerds.

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Our Value to You!

We help your business get ‘peace of mind’, be more ‘productive’ and ‘profitable!’

Peace of Mind

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    • Spend 50% less time on phone support!
    • 16 Years Experience
    • Innovative IT Support Software (NerdSuite)
    • 24×7 National Support

Business Continuity

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    • Reduce downtime & save $1000’s
    • Proactive Consulting
    • IT Road Maps & Cloud Planning
    • Backup Plan is #1!

Systems Visibility

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    • Monthly Reports
    • Monthly Advice
    • Client Web Portal for Complete Visibility
    • 24×7 Monitoring & Alerts

Cost Containment

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    • Increase Profit
    • Predictable Fixed Cost Monthly Support Plans
    • 3-5 Year Focus
    • Scalable & Flexible

How Are We Different?

IT Support Powered by Innovation



Our award winning software increases employee productivity by reducing phone support time by up to 50%!

– Easy to use and log support tickets (No need to login)
– Your staff get instant visibility of the new IT Provider
– Faster access to support so staff can focus on what they do best! 

– Complete visibility via our Web Portal (NerdCentral)
– Proactive email updates on all work performed (NerdDesk)