May 26, 2016 BY Jamie Warner

Stop Cybercriminals from Successfully Stealing from Australian Businesses

It turns out Australia and in particular Sydney is becoming a mecca for cyber criminals scamming innocent businesses out of $1000’s to un-encrypt data because of ransomware viruses.

In a recent article by Spandas Liu on Life Hacker, a review of the recent Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report found that “in the Asia-Pacific region, Australia is the most targeted country when it comes to ransomware and is ranked fairly high globally as well. There has been a 141 percent increase in ransomware attacks in Australia in 2015 and this growth is expected to continue well into 2016.”

To help businesses combat this increasing threat, here are our top 3 tips to protect yourself against the growing threat.

TIP 1. Update Your Antivirus Protection

It is important to review your Server, Endpoint and Email antivirus protection. Even though ransomware is not a virus or spam, the security providers are currently developing new updates to their software to spot emails which fit the profile of ‘ransomware’.

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